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Developer Documentation

We are very interested in partnering with developers that wish to create and submit gadgets to the igHome.com gadget directory. The documentation below is provide to assist you in understanding the requirements for gadget development. They are subject to change over time as the site and technology evolve.

Gadget Hosting

Our preference is that gadgets be hosted external to igHome.com, whether that is on a dedicated server, a shared hosting server, or a cloud hosting service. All gadgets are rendered as mini-sites or applications within an iframe. So, at a minimum, all we need from the developer is the URL to the gadget.

User Preferences

In addition to the content URL of the gadget, you can also provide a settings URL. This is a separate URL that will be displayed when the user clicks the gear icon in the title bar of the gadget. You can save preferences as cookies or by any other means.


If you wish to track user's preferences between devices, you can include an optional @token in your URL that will be replaced by a unique token representing a user's subscription to your gadget. No other user information will be provided to gadgets for privacy reasons.


  • Content URL: http://www.yoursite.com/gadget/?subscriptionid=@token
  • Settings URL: http://www.yoursite.com/gadget/settings.php?subscriptionid=@token


No one likes advertising, but most users recognize that there must be some incentive for developers and content providers to develop, host, and maintain their gadgets. igHome's policy is that only one ad be shown per gadget view. In addition, large ads should be displayed under the main content of the gadget. Small ads such as link units can be displayed at the top, if desired, as long as there is only one ad per gadget.

Submitting Gadgets

To submit a gadget, simply fill out a help request with the following information:

  • Title of Gadget
  • Description (optional)
  • Content URL of the gadget
  • Setting URL of the gadget (optional)
  • URL that you want users to be directed to if they click the title of the gadget. (optional)